in modern facilities in Sweden

AB Maskinarbeten in Alvesta, Sverige

Most of Ekströms products are manufactured by AB Maskinarbeten. This partnership has extended over some 40 years. Maskinarbeten have a highly qualified team of skilled craftsmen, including coded pressure vessel welders.

High precision computer controlled machines are employed including plate laser cutting techniques, along with advanced finning machines. This combination of a highly skilled workforce coupled with advanced machine technology guarantees Ekströms products will continue to be manufactured to the highest efficiency and quality standards both today and in the future.

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The Finned tubes are produced in welding machines with tools for a number of different fin dimensions. The production control is very accurate in order to validate good contact between tube and fin. Thanks to our high capacity we can offer fast delivery times.

We can offer bended tubes for pressure vessels in a wide range of tube dimensions and bending radius. The production of bent tubes are in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU to fulfil requiremnets on thinning and ovality. AB Maskinarbeten has its own oven for heat treatment of the bent pipes if required.

AB Maskinarbeten has talented licensed welders and several automatic and robotic welders. All welders are at least approved according to SS-EN ISO 9606-1:2013. Our workshop is licensed according to EN ISO 3834-2, a sign that the know-how in welding is extensive and is carried out rationally, systematically and with quality assurance.