Shot cleaning

Efficient shot cleaning technology from Ekströms Värmetekniska AB with many attractive features.

The unique on line shot cleaning technology from Ekströms enables optimal economiser or airheater heat transfer to be maintained throughout prolonged industrial process campaigns. Our shot cleaning system can be installed on a wide range of heat exchangers, from small to large. We have delivered more than 1000 shot cleaning systems and now have over 50 years experience.

During that time we have compiled an unrivalled knowledge and data bank, which along with continuous product development enables us to meet the most demanding challenges in todays market. Our developments have included new wear resistant materials; shot materials for different fuel ashes and operating conditions; computer plc controls; pneumatic conveying of shot material.

The attractive features of Ekströms shot cleaning include maintaining the clean heat transfer surface free of ash particulate; dry cleaning process thereby eliminating wet ash deposits and adverse influence on flue gas dew point; low operating costs; continuous cleaning operation.