Ekströms Värmetekniska AB

Heat exchanger products for  heat- & power generation and other industrial processes

Ekströms Värmetekniska AB

Ekströms Värmetekniska AB are a market leader in the design, and supply of Flue gas coolers, Economisers, Airpreheaters, Shot cleaning systems and extended surface heat transfer tubes, spiral finned or gilled tubes, for utility power generation, industrial processes and marine applications.

Together with our manufacturing company AB Maskinarbeten we supply high quality products all over the world.

Heat exchangers

Many years of experience over a wide range of applications enables us to develop and optimise tailor made flue gas heat exchangers, economisers for all forms of combustion processes and associated fuels.

Shot cleaning

Our unique on line shot cleaning technology enables optimal heat transfer to be maintained throughout prolonged industrial process campaigns. It can be installed on a wide range of heat exchangers.

Finned tubes

Ekströms offer a wide range of extended surface tubular products including cast iron sleeved tubes; high frequency welded spiral finned tubes; and single or double finned tubes in different dimensions.