Many years of experience

In 1905 the industrialist Arthur Ekström founded  the company AB A. Ekströms Maskinaffär.

The Ekströms Company was founded in 1905 by Arthur Ekström, who was an industrialist and engineering graduate from Chalmers University in Gothenburg. The original company name was A. Ekströms Maskinaffär AB. Initially the Company concentrated on machinery supplies to the emerging and rapidly expanding pulp and paper industry.

During the 1920’s the product range was extended to address demands of the energy business sector.

In 1949 Ekströms engineers pioneered the unique on line shot cleaning technique which remains in demand as the most efficient system for cleaning of heat exchangers operating in ash laden flue gases.

Market demands during the 1960’s attracted Ekströms to focus on thermal engineering, particularly in the development of extended surface economisers and airheaters which made significant contributions to plant thermal efficiencies.

In recognition of the increased involvement in thermal engineering the name of the Company was changed to Ekströms Värmetekniska AB in 1968. The heat exchanger products were further refined with the advent of single and double welded steel gilled tubes during the 1980’s enabling Ekströms to supply a far more cost effective product together with new the owners AB Maskinarbeten.

During the 1990’s Ekströms have developed export business throughout Europe and Asia, as well as maintaining their service to valued customers in their home Scandinavian market and in the U.K.

Today, Ekströms Economisers is mainly supplied to biofuel-fired power plants and flue gas coolers for energy recovery in soda recovery boilers and other industries and customers can be found all over the world.