Cable clamps

Ekströms high quality Cable clamps for fastening of high voltage cables in dimensions from Ø45mm up to Ø150mm.

Ekströms offers cable clamps for cable dimensions from Ø45mm up to Ø150mm. The cable clamps are made of an aluminum alloy that is highly corrosion resistant and weldable. Complete bolt sets with springs are supplied in stainless or galvanized design.

The bolted joint is spring-loaded to cope with the large stresses that can occur in the event of a short circuit. Between the aluminum clamp and the cable is placed an EPDM rubber spacer partly for increased friction (better grip at axial forces in the cable), and more even distribution of load and to avoid damage to the cable.

Below you will find dimensions and suitable bolt lengths for attaching cable diameters from 60mm to 150mm.