The Company

The company in short

The Ekströms Company was founded in 1905 by Arthur Ekström. The original company name was A. Ekströms Maskinaffär AB. Initially the Company concentrated on machinery supplies to the emerging and rapidly expanding pulp and paper industry.

Today Ekströms Värmetekniska is modern engineering company who design and supply  different typ of heat exchangers and shot cleaning system for heat and power generartion and other industrial processes. The production are made at AB Maskinarbeten who has a modern workshop with a large machine park. Together we are a strong player in our business.


We provide thermal and mechanical design of extended surface heat exchangers.


Production take place in a 25,000 square metres of modern workshop in Alvesta, Sweden 


All engineering as well as manufacturing are controlled in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. 


A long history has given us the wide experience and tradition of quality products